The Omega Man – Origins


Welcome to The Omega Man Technology blog.

I’m totally fascinated by many aspects of technology, including off-grid energy(solar, wind, thermo-electric). I’ve been designing thermostats / heating controls to save energy and I build holiday cottages in Northumberland using some of the energy saving techniques that I’ve either learned or developed, such as the Thinking Thermostat. I also have an exclusive wedding venue in Northumberland ( In this blog, I intend to share some of my experiments with anyone interested or bored enough to read my ramblings.

The Omega Man drives an electric, plug-in hybrid – The Vauxhall Ampera, also known as the Chevy Volt. After a month of driving it, I’ve decided that it’s almost the best thing since pizza and beer. After about 1400 miles, the total fuel cost has been around £35 – most of the electricity was free on public charging points.

As one  of my autumn projects, I’m planning to partially demolish one of my outbuildings and rebuild it to give more staff accommodation and three garages – one of which will be linked to some roof mounted solar PV panels and a bunch of lead-acid batteries so that I can charge the car totally off-grid.

As you’ll see from some of the other sections of this blog, we’re also into self-sufficiency. This has two roles:- cost reduction and non-dependence on manufactured foodstuffs. I’ll be sharing some of the experiences that we have along the way.

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